Live Streaming

Open MFM Streaming Player to listen our station online!

Click here for below standard audio quality
MP3 96 kbps – uses less quota of your internet (43.2 MB per hour)
Slower title and artist name loading (sometimes not available when error occurred)
Song history available

Click here for above standard audio quality directly from our playserver
MP3 192 kbps – uses more quota of your internet (86.4 MB per hour)
Faster title and artist name loading (always update and available)
Song history not available

Click here for our exclusive outdoor feed (CURRENT FEED: INACTIVE)

If you have trouble to listen our stream via link above, download our online playlist here to listen using winamp/Windows Media Player/foobar2000/other media player on your PC

MFM stream also available through this platforms:

Live stream for all platforms available along MFM’s on-air schedule. Unavailability of stream at MFM’s on-air schedule might be caused by technical problems